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U Card with Champ the Bulldog in place of a student photo

Submit a Custom U Card Photo

Those eligible for a U Card are able to upload a photo in advance. Read the information below to learn about the requirements of U Card photos, then upload your photo via the button at the bottom of the page.

Photo Examples

Person looking at the camera with full head and shoulders visible against a plain, grey background. Green check mark is shown on the bottom corner.

This photo has a clear view of the entire face with a clear, plain background and is not cropped in.

Person shown facing away from the camera with only the side of their face visible against a plain background. Red "X" in the bottom corner.

Clear background, however the entire face is not visible.

Person looking at the camera with a book shelf in the background. Person's hands are in the photo and partially blocking their shoulders. Red "X" in the bottom corner.

Busy background and hands lifting into the frame.

Person shown with a busy, beach background. Hair is blocking the sides of the face and a hand is blocking the lower portion of one side of the face. Red "X" in the bottom corner.

Busy background, too far cropped in, and hands/hair block the face.

Transferring campuses? Wait until you are done on your current campus before uploading.

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